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As a long-time resident of the Bay Area, Yogini Patel enjoys exploring local attractions, both old and new. Her understanding of real estate investment and property management from over many years of professional and personal experience. 


With her education in finance and experience in Real Estate, Yogini obtained her Real Estate license and went on to get her Broker license as well. She is dynamic and resourceful, adept at delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations. Yogini is committed to providing unwavering services that are detailed and personalized for each client while giving them the attention they deserve. Never sacrificing her integrity and a strong believer in relationships over sales, she patiently guides and informs clients in every aspect of each transaction, empowering them to make informed and confident decisions that are favorable for their futures. These key values have helped Yogini build a reputation as a trustworthy realtor, informed advisor and reliable partner. 


Yogini has a great understanding of home renovation has proven to be extremely helpful in working with buyers as they consider various housing opportunities. For her, it is a privilege to represent buyers and sellers in what is often their most important financial and family decision. Yogini joined eXp Realty primarily because it is Cloud- based and has the technology that gives her the advantage of working from anywhere. 


Yogini recharges when not working by engaging in her passion for Yoga, relaxing through cooking, hiking is where she connects with her spiritual soul. She has several favorite pastimes include reading, exercising, creating healthy meals, and making as many memories as possible with family and friends.

Courtesy of Yogini Patel Cupertino Realtor

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 When the market is favoring the Seller, it may seem like a slam-dunk to sell a home. But there are so many ways things can go wrong for a seller who tries to represent themselves in selling a home.


The legal aspects of the contract alone are getting harder to navigate and seller’s need a professional that can write a solid contract, protecting their interests. In this fast market, of an average of 15 days on the market, using an Agent is more likely to get a fair market value for your home, assist with qualified buyers, and make sure your investment is represented properly and sold.


  1. They have a ton of training! Buying a home requires lots of forms, reports, documents, disclosures, and other technical stuff. Agents can help you prepare an offer, advise you with contingencies, avoid costly mistakes, and delays in the process.

  2. Real Estate Agents have even more search power than you do when it comes to finding listings that fit your criteria.

  3. They know how to negotiate. It’s their job to help you be successful in this market. Knowing what to negotiate and what favors not to ask is part of their skill set.

  4. They are connected to everyone in the industry. Agents make it their job to know everyone that can possibly help in the process of buying. Mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, stagers, and more, are in their network.

  5. Whether you are buying from a friend or relative, you should have someone that has your back representing your interests. Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make.